Feature of Solar Home System

  • Optimezed Off-grid solar home generator
  • Eco-Friendly stored the solar energy
  • Advanced MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) control algorithm
  • High tracking efficiency of MPPT technology
  • Pure sine wave inverting technology of high efficiency
  • Fully digitalized design of advanced PWM technology
  • Perfectly safe to use against misusing
  • Beginner can easily install by simple training
  • Durability and realibility of using



  • System voltage : 12V
  • 500Watt inverter : pure sine wave
  • MPPT controller : 12V, 11A
  • Circuit breaker for battery : 40A
  • Solar panel : 130W
  • Battery : 12V, 100Ah
  • 5W bulb x 3ea, 5W Bar energy saving light x 1ea
  • Cables : 12m PV cables(with MC4 Connectors), DC light cables(Supply by roll-type), 3m AC cables
  • Interface : 12VDC-2, 110VAC/220VAC-1, Cigar socket-1